MasChain : A Blockchain Champion for ESG Principles

In the dynamic world of blockchain technology, MasChain stands out as a pioneering Layer 1 blockchain.

In alignment with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s call for stakeholders to drive meaningful change through ESG practices, MasChain, Masverse’s public permissioned blockchain, provides robust solutions that support Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles.

Environmental Sustainability

1. Carbon Footprint Reduction: MasChain employs a Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism, which is energy-efficient and reduces the carbon footprint of blockchain operations. This aligns with Malaysia’s decarbonisation efforts as part of the Madani ethos for sustainable development.

2. Transparent Carbon Accounting: MasChain facilitates precise carbon emissions and offsets tracking. Immutable ledger records ensure the integrity and verifiability of carbon accounting practices, which is crucial for regulatory compliance and stakeholder trust.

3. Sustainable Supply Chains: End-to-end visibility in supply chains is made possible with MasChain, allowing monitoring of resource usage, waste generation, and energy consumption. This comprehensive tracking promotes sustainable practices and demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Social Responsibility

1. Ethical Sourcing and Fair Trade: MasChain ensures the traceability of goods and materials, guaranteeing ethical and sustainable sourcing. This helps combat child labour, unfair wages, and unsafe working conditions through transparent transaction records.

2. Community Engagement: The blockchain supports community-based initiatives by providing a transparent platform for project funding and management, ensuring effective resource utilisation for social projects.

3. Social Impact Reporting: Organisations can record and report on social impact metrics through MasChain, tracking outcomes of CSR initiatives such as education programmes, health services, and community development projects. Blockchain transparency ensures the accuracy and reliability of reported data.

Governance and Transparency

1. Anti-Corruption and Fraud Prevention: Immutable blockchain records make MasChain an effective tool for preventing corruption and fraud, providing a transparent ledger of transactions and activities that regulators and the public can audit.

2. Decentralised Decision-Making: MasChain enables decentralised governance models, improving trust and collaboration by ensuring decisions reflect all stakeholders’ collective will and best interests.

3. Compliance and Reporting: Automated recording and reporting of governance metrics are simplified with MasChain. Smart contracts enforce compliance rules, ensuring adherence to legal and ethical standards without manual intervention.

Case Studies and Applications

1. Green Energy Projects: MasChain manages and verifies renewable energy certificates (RECs), recording green energy generation and consumption to ensure REC authenticity and support renewable energy transition.

2. Sustainable Agriculture: Tracking the provenance of agricultural products ensures sustainable production practices, monitoring pesticide use and water resources, and providing consumers with verifiable sustainability information.

3. Financial Inclusion: Transparent and accessible financial services are supported by MasChain, offering secure microfinance and lending platforms that empower underserved populations.


MasChain, a public permissioned blockchain, supports ESG principles across various sectors through transparency, accountability, and efficiency. This technology aligns with Malaysia’s progressive stance on decarbonisation and sustainability, as emphasised by PM Anwar. By leveraging MasChain, organisations can enhance their ESG performance, build stakeholder trust, and contribute to a sustainable future, embracing a strategic decision to meet evolving global expectations and drive innovation and growth.

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For more detailed information, visit the MasChain Documentation.

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