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We are layer 1 blockchain infrastructure and Web3 ecosystem builders, standing at the forefront of Malaysia’s digital landscape. Pioneering the integration of blockchain and Web3 technologies, our mission extends beyond technology. It’s about creating a future where digital advancements are accessible and beneficial to all.
Harnessing the power of Web3, simplified for Web2 convenience.

Our Value at Masverse : Pioneering Malaysia's Path into the Blockchain Era

As Malaysia strides towards a digital economy, Masverse is at the forefront with MasChain, a blockchain innovation tailored to the nation's specific needs and extending its reach across ASEAN. Our solution bridges the best of Web 2.0 and the revolutionary capabilities of Web 3.0, positioning Masverse not only as a pivotal player in advancing Malaysia's blockchain landscape but also as a connector in the ASEAN digital transformation.

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Meet The Core Team

Welcome to our talented and diverse team!
We’re passionate about what we do and committed to delivering exceptional results.
Chew Kian Kok
Chief Executive Officer
Koay Seong Jiann
Chief Financial Officer
Seong Chuan Koay
Chief Marketing Officer
Venus Khor
Chief Branding Officer
Teh Lee Jie
Chief Technology Officer
Suresh Naidu Sadasivan
Director of Communication & Innovation

Our Blockchain Solution

Experience the impact of our blockchain solution first hand. Explore innovation that redefines efficiency, security, and scalability for your digital journey.